Inline Closure

Inline Closure

OFC-IM-3 Optical Dome Closure



Manufactured with engineering plastic for external used

No loose parts - ease of installation

Double strain relief for cables

Mountable in manhole, on wall and aerial

No special training and tooling required

Various size available

Pressurized valve for flash test


Thewaterproofand ruggedconstructionmakestheseclosureperfectforunderground,

aerialandpedestalapplications.The closuresfeaturesfullmechanicalsystemsforeasy

assemblyandeasytore-enter.OFC-IM-3Aisdesignedto accommodate up to 48 fibers

where as OFC-IM-3B is designed to accommodate up to 192 fibers.


a)  Materail          : Reinforced PP

b)  Metal Part       : Stainless Steel or Aluminium Alloy

c)  Dimension


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